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Twelve Days of Dance Base: PRIME

Nicola Kenny

Today we’re celebrating PRIME, Dance Base’s resident dance performance company for dancers aged over 60 years old.

Founded in 2015 by Dance Base’s past Creative Director Morag Deyes in 2015, PRIME was born from a desire to change the under-representation of older dancers on stage and to actively challenge stereotypes around ageing, ability, and who can be a dancer. Since then, it has worked with some of the best choreographers in the UK to perform progressive and creative choreography which empowers dancers and audiences alike to explore their full potential in life and dance. They have toured nationally and internationally and participated in many festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Luminate and Singapore Silver Arts Festival.

There’s so much to celebrate about PRIME, but the focus of this Twelve Days of Dance Base post is on their achievements in 2023. In May, they took part in an international collaboration with the Taiwanese dance company B.DANCE, touring a new performance piece across Scotland before presenting it at a 6-date run as part of the Dance Base Fringe Festival programme.  They were also featured in a short film, Never Too Old to Dance, by BBC Scotland!

This short film is a wonderful record of PRIME’s work, and as it remains viewable on the BBC website, it can continue to raise the company’s profile in the coming months and years. A moving piece, it captures the power of PRIME, and the importance of providing a supportive and encouraging environment for people of all ages to engage with dance.

Another short film, from filmmaker Robbie Synge, premiered this October. Aiming to examine the concept of diverse and shared spaces, this piece used the physical space of Dance Base to examine our connections. It can be watched on our website at the link below now.



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PRIME’s success is an indicator of the truth in Dance Base’s belief that dance is really is for everyone. We work hard to make it as accessible as possible, but we can only do that with your continued support. Right now a great way to show this support is to sponsor our work. You can find out more about how at the link below.

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