Performance Companies

Dance Base’s resident performance companies are a key part of Dance Base’s history and of its current activity. These companies were started through the vision of former Artistic Director Morag Deyes and have continued to go from strength to strength. Today, company dancers from across Edinburgh and beyond call Dance Base their ‘dance home’ and meet regularly to train, create and perform. PRIME and Lothian Youth Dance Company work with professional dance artists and choreographers and perform regularly at Dance Base and across Scotland, continuing to champion dance as an art form and a way of life.

PRIME Elder Dance Company

Created in 2015 to address under-representation of older dancers on stage, PRIME is the Dance Base resident company for dancers over 60.

Lothian Youth Dance Company

Started in 2016, Lothian Youth Dance Company (LYDC) is Dance Base’s in-house dance company for young dancers 14-21 years old. Inviting new members each year, LYDC provides opportunity for young people to find their creative voice through dance.