Inhabitants | Robbie Synge

Inhabitants | Robbie Synge
‘Inhabitants’ is a quick film that came out of two short Zoom workshops and a day spent with members of the PRIME company at Dance Base. The short process was initiated through fundamental reflection upon ourselves as human (or other) beings in each of our respective ‘habitats’, at home. Considering and expanding upon our physical habits, we thought, wrote and moved around these self-observations, compiling a brief natural history of sorts. In Dance Base, we brought our tendencies into closer proximity. We are perhaps inhabitants of diverse and shared habitats, the common connection being Dance Base and its architecture and atmospheres that frequently brings the PRIME company (and many others) into contact.


– Robbie Synge


Featuring in order of appearance:

Annie Young
Eleanor Morrison
Sara Cameron McBean
Norma Turvill
Rosie Orr
Paul Burrows
Judy Adams
Christine Thynne


Film by Robbie Synge