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Twelve Days of Dance Base: Professional Dance

Nicola Kenny

As Scotland’s National Centre for Dance, one of our key roles is providing a home for Professional Dancers.

This means going beyond facilitating high level classes where they can continue to hone their craft. One of our proudest achievements is our Artist in Residence programme. This paid programme provides:

  • A studio space at our home in Edinburgh on a weekly basis, Monday – Friday.
  • Funds that cover the residency budget provided at application and an additional access budget to support any requirements.
  • The opportunity to share and discuss your practice with the Dance Base team, your peers and the wider dance sector.

Over the last year we’ve been lucky enough to host a wide variety of incredible performers. You can read more about our upcoming Spring Season Residencies, as well as Autumn 2023’s Residencies, on our website at the links below.

Another part of our support of Professional Dancers comes in our Scratch Nights. For these events, we invite professional dancers to perform their in-progress pieces for an audience. As with our Artist in Residence programme, this is an invaluable opportunity to for feedback, and we pay the artists. Our Scratch Nights provide a venue for presentation, as well as an invaluable networking opportunity where professional dancers can talk to some of the big names in Scotland’s performing arts scene.



Support our Professional Dance Programme

We’re delighted to be able to provide these opportunities: we know that by doing so we’re helping to build up Scotland’s dance community and giving this art a home where it can truly flourish. If you’d like to help us in this work, you can sponsor our Giving Tree now. Every decoration is another step toward a brighter future for dance.

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Spring 2024 Residencies

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