Twelve Days of Dance Base: CREATE with ECRED and Scottish Ballet

Nicola Kenny

For this Day of Dance Base, we’re talking about CREATE: a project aiming to create equitable dance for people living with dementia.


CREATE aims to Cocreate a REsearch Agenda To facilitate Equitable (CREATE) Dance for Dementia. The 1-year research project was co-created by the Edinburgh Centre for the Experience of Dementia (ECRED) and Scottish Ballet. Together with these organisations, we sought to establish a research agenda facilitating equitable dance for people living with dementia. Dance Base delivered dance sessions at live and online events between March and May.

Nearly 50 people attended the March in-person workshop. They came from across the spectrum of those with lived experience of dementia. As stated on the ECRED blog, this included “those living with dementia, carers and family members, health and social care professionals, dance organisational representatives, dancers, researchers and students”. The aim of this was to represent the diverse experience of dementia, something also shown through the variety of activities. Again, as stated by ECRED, “The day was a mixture of practical dance activities, break-out rooms on research topics, and presentations. In this blog, we share what happened on the day and outline plans for the next steps of our research on this exciting topic”.

With the number of people with lived experience of dementia growing, this is an important part of the population to reach with our work. ECRED found that a number of previous studies into dementia and dance placed emphasis on the research, taking an approach that may not have put the patients first. However, Dance Base’s experience working with a wide range of disabled participants, we were in a perfect place to make a difference. This new project was delivered in a patient first way: aiming to be equitable, moral, and rights-based.

With a short film created at the first in-person setting, and ECRED’s effort in recording the study, the evidence of this work will live on and hopefully shape dementia care in the future. You can view the short film online now on ECRED’s blog, via the link below.


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