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Twelve Days of Dance Base: Dance/Connect with UCL

Nicola Kenny

For the second of our Twelve Days of Dance Base, we’d like to celebrate one of our academic contributions!


This one’s been a long time coming! In 2021 Dance Base worked in collaboration with UCL on Dance/Connect; a research study exploration of whether online group dance can support the social and mental wellbeing of young people living with anxiety. The paper was published this October.

It found, as we at Dance Base would have expected, that online community dance can benefit the lives of young people living with anxiety. The study “demonstrates the potential for online group dance to reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness, improve wellbeing, self-esteem, and self-efficacy and foster group closeness. ”

We are always delighted to work with academic institutions to help further the case for dance. In 2021, with lockdowns still in effect, this work was hugely important in looking at the varied ways in which dance and activity can contribute to positive health. One important factor in participating with the more academic side of research is remembering the real-world implications it can hold, something highlighted by this project.



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