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Twelve Days of Dance Base: Berlin Exchange with CFB

Nicola Kenny

For the second last Day of Dance Base, we’re celebrating our recent exchange with Berlin’s Centre Français de Berlin.

This project, funded by Momentum Funding 2022, saw our Head of Health, Wellbeing, and Engagement, Emma Smith, and the CFB’s Julia Cozic, visit each other’s respective organisations. There, as the official report from Julia states, they were able to ‘observe and take part in activities, meet with key staff, visit community and cultural partners, meet artists and discuss ideas for further exchange and collaboration in the future.’

CFB berlin exchange group work

Specifically, the focus was on CFB and Dance Base’s dance companies: PRIME and the LYDC for Dance Base, and the Seniorinnen und Senioren Kunst Akademie für Tanz (S.K.A.T.) for CFB. Through visiting shows, participating in workshops and simply via conversation, both Emma and Julia were able to find and explore the similarities and difference between their organisations, including problems and methods of resolution. With intense collaboration, Emma and Julia were able to troubleshoot any issues arising, and to find a new sense of international cooperation.

With the next stage of this project already being planned, both Dance Base and CFB are excited to pursue their shared goal of making cultural and participatory activities more accessible to all.

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