Choreographer with PASS, Edinburgh College

Choreographer with PASS, Edinburgh College

Dance Base and PASS are thrilled to announce that Jack Webb & Kayla Collymore have been selected as the PASS Choreographers!

This winter Dance Base is supporting Performing Arts Studio Scotland (PASS) at Edinburgh College to bring in two choreographers. The Choreographers will work with the Edinburgh College degree students on a physical performance project. This project will take place in Edinburgh in early January 2024.

Following an open call, the dance artists selected to join the project are Jack Webb and Kayla Collymore.

Beginning with two research and development days in December, Jack and Kayla will spend a week working individually with a mixed cohort of up to 18 Dance and Drama degree students. Together they will create a 30-minute ensemble performance piece, which will be performed publicly at the Traverse.


About Kayla and Jack

Kayla Collymore will be using her time with the students to analyse the strange and enigmatic phenomenon of meaningful coincidence, known as synchronicity. Inspired by the insights of psychologist Carl Jung, the dancers and Kayla will dive into the archetypes of the collective unconscious. They will explore how the path to self-realisation can be found in knowledge beyond our current comprehension.

When looking ahead to the project Kayla said, “I am excited to rally the diverse talents of the BA Dance and Drama students at Edinburgh College to present a narrative that captures some of the most daring Jungian concepts. “


Jack Webb will work with the PASS students to create a new work inspired by his solo Sense of Centre. Working with dance, object manipulation and technology, they will explore themes around home, nature, loneliness and belonging in the 21st century to create a work that is bold and yet full of softness and introspection.

“I’m looking forward to immersing myself in creativity, risk taking, invention and discovery with the PASS students. I’m hoping that we can, through our collaboration, expand our sense of possibility, skill and ambition. By placing dance and movement at the forefront of this exploration to discover new languages to speak to an audience, I’m hoping that this exploration will be a rich, challenging, rewarding and stimulating creative and learning experience for all.” – Jack Webb


About this collaboration

This is the second year that Dance Base & PASS have collaborated together and we are excited to continue this partnership.

Eleanor Morrison from PASS said: “We feel incredibly lucky and excited for our BA Dance and Drama students to be collaborating with Kayla and Jack to make two new ensemble performance works.  The opportunity to rehearse at Dance Base and perform at The Traverse is second to none, providing real industry experience for PASS’s emerging artists.”


The PASS Students will work with Jack and Kayla from the 8 – 12 January 2024 and perform at The Traverse theatre on 13 January 2024.

Jack Webb

Jack is an award-winning choreographer/director, movement director, dancer and teacher working across dance, theatre, opera and film. He is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has been working internationally for the past 17 years.



Kayla Collymore

New Jersey native KAYLA COLLYMORE is an accomplished choreographer, director, filmmaker, teacher and dancer. She has performed with dance companies in New York, Texas and Beijing, as well as having toured internationally with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures in their productions of “Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker!”, “The Car Man” and “Sleeping Beauty”.

In 2017 Kayla was included in Dance Magazine’s Top 25 to Watch and was selected as Dancer of the Month for Dancing Times in June 2022. More recently she co-created and directed the immersive production LINEAR/FUNCTION, whose shows have been featured in Southwest Contemporary Magazine, Dance Magazine and Arts & Culture Texas.

Kayla is currently studying for a master’s degree in psychology of mental health at the University of Edinburgh. She intends to marry her background in movement with healing.