time to respond

time to respond, curated by Two Destination Language, was an artist development project that supported 7 artists to return to creating work. Initially envisioned as a return to the studio with in-person sharings and workshops, the work pivoted to an online space in response to the UK wide lockdown in response to Covid-19. Instead the artists met daily online and conducted their own practice at home, sharing their practice through videos, images and writings. The selected artists were Jian Yi, Lucy Suggate, Suzi Cunningham, Lindsay Oliver & Fiona Oliver-Larkin, Mark Bleakley, Tamsyn Russell and Laura Paterson.

Space, Nature, Nurture

In the winter of 2021, Dance Base and Jupiter Artland came together to deliver Space, Nature, Nurture, a Winter Residency Series offering dance / movement artists a unique residency opportunity to immerse themselves in and work with the natural and sculpted outdoor landscape of Jupiter Artland in West Lothian. The selected artists were Thomas Goetz, All or Nothing, Simon Kenya, Kate Deeming and Hamshya Rajkumar.

Snow Motion

In December Dance Base held Snow Motion, a winter showcase of live work that welcomed a fantastic arrange of dance artists from across Scotland to bring their work back to the stage and to mark the 20th anniversary of Dance Base making its home in the Grassmarket building. Each artist had a deep connection to the building having developed work with us over the years through residencies, festival performances and sharings. The weekend welcomed work by Jen Wren, Bridie Gane, Mamoru Iriguchi, Tess Letham, Taylor Han and LYDC.

Love Dance Scotland | Artist Bursaries

Dance Base partnered with Citymoves Dance Agency, Dundee Rep & Scottish Dance Theatre, and Tramway Glasgow on the LoveDanceScotland Artist Bursaries,  a nationwide programme of in-kind and financial support for Scotland-based professional dance artists, providing the time and space for them to re-engage with their creative practice after the very challenging 18 months. The chosen artists were Andre Anderson, Aniela Piasecka, Dance Ihayami, Grace Turner, Jack Webb, Jemma Stein, Jenna Corker, KAM-RI Dance Theatre, Robbie Synge, Skye Reynolds, Tess Letham and White & Givan.