In-Kind Studio Space & Support

In-Kind Studio Space & Support

Dance Base are dedicated to supporting and enabling the dance community to develop their work and practice and we welcome the opportunity to provide in-kind practical and creative support, including weekly studio space, to strengthen artists applications to secure project funding.

The landscape of the arts sector requires artists to frequently seek out partners for their external funding applications to support the creation of new work, and to facilitate the continuation of artistic projects and explorations. The Dance Base Artistic Director and wider team are always keen and happy to hear about projects that artists are developing, and to provide in-kind support to enable these projects to happen where possible.

If you feel that Dance Base would be a suitable partner, please get in touch with the team so that we can explore this together.


What in-kind support Dance Base can provide: 

The main element of support that Dance Base can provide in weekly in-kind studio space in our building. This offer operates in the same way as our Artist Residency Programme and can provide space free of charge from Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 17:00 (approx.) for artists to develop their creative projects. As part of their week, artists are invited to share their practice through an end of week sharing, company class, open studio or any other format that is beneficial to the project.

Previously artists have approached us for in-kind studio space to support applications to the Creative Scotland Open Project Fund, the Touring Fund and for rehearsals ahead of a performance where their fees are already covered. In this model an artists fee is covered by their funding, and Dance Base provide the space free of charge.

Dance Base also use our in-kind studio space to invite international artists to Dance Base to share their practice with the Scottish dance community. If you are based outside of Scotland but are keen to connect with us and the Scottish dance sector please do get in touch!

We also use our in-kind space to support our other Dance Base programme strands such as the DEBS, PRIME and our Festival programme.

In addition to our in-kind studio space, Dance Base can also provide:

  • Mentoring and dramaturgy support from the Dance Base team (including the professional, participation and health & wellbeing teams)
  • Marketing support to promote call outs or performances
  • Producing support and guidance

To demonstrate our partnership and in-kind support offer, Dance Base can provide a Letter of Support detailing our commitment to the project with an in-kind value which can be used to accompany an application and be built in to your budget.

Please note that this support is not limited to projects being developed at Dance Base. We are equally as interested in supporting projects where the work is being delivered outdoors, digitally or outside of Edinburgh. We’re here to have conversations and welcome ideas at any stage, from anyone, anywhere.


Who it is for: 

Our offer of in-kind support is open to:

  • Artists who are predominantly based in Scotland
  • Artists who are based outside of Scotland but who want to develop work in Scotland/ collaborate with Scotland based artists
  • Artists who see their work as based in physical or choreographic practices.

Please note that our in-kind Studio space offer is not open to:

  • Artists who are in full time academic study. This is because students have access to rehearsal facilities already through their institution.
  • Artists who are already members of the DEBS scheme as they already receive free studio space as part of their support.

However, these artists can still approach us for additional support outside of rehearsal space.


How to apply: 

Get in touch! Our in-kind support is provided and confirmed in response to each project so please do get in touch with the team to start a conversation around your project and explore how Dance Base can help. There is no deadline for this however, we advise reaching out to us at least 3 weeks before your application is due.

If you already have funding in place then you are welcome to contact us at any time but please note that our studio space is programmed about four months in advance.

To start off please send an email to:

Dance Base recognise that there are significant barriers to working in the dance sector and that these challenges are experienced more acutely by those facing marginalisation and deep-rooted systemic injustice.

We are committed to increasing the diversity of artists working in our sector and especially welcome conversations from those who identify as having characteristics currently under-represented in our sector.


How the decision is made: 

As Dance Base will be listed as a named partner when providing In-Kind support for applications, the decision of whether this support can be provided or not will be made exclusively by the Artistic Director.

The decision on whether we can support the project will be based on, but not limited to:

  • Studio availability and dates
  • Capacity required from the Dance Base team
  • How the project connects to our vision, aims and values