Become A Sundancer Patron

Dance Base's Sundancer Fund

Sundancer, was created by Dance Base to help people and communities benefit from the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of dance and we need your support. 

Dancing brings people together. It’s joyful and natural from the youngest age – watch any toddler laugh and move to music. It’s a source of health and happiness for all ages and abilities and it builds new connections and friendships.  

For over 30 years we have enriched the lives of many through dance and movement including those living with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Dementia, with young people in hospitals and isolated at home, and with residents in long-term care settings. We’ve established an elder company PRIME and worked with groups from LGBTQ+ youth to refugee communities. We’re really good at it and the transformations have been extraordinary. 

Now, as times get even tougher, the need for Dance Base’s work is greater than ever and we need your support to help meet that need. Through becoming a patron of the Dance Base Sundancer Fund, named in honour of the childhood nickname our former Artistic Director Morag Deyes MBE, you will allow us to continue and expand these important activities and change people’s lives for the better.  

Each year the fund will support selected Dance Base activity that delivers the overall aim of the fund. Decisions will be made by a panel that includes Dance Base team members and external experts.