Xena Gusthart

Residency 26 January – 6 February
Xena Gusthart
'Dis' - a prefix changing the meaning of a term to its negative.
'Able' - having a significant power or resource to accomplish something.
- having the necessary power and resources, skills, time, opportunity to
do something.
- capable, competent, talented.

Xena will take inspiration from the emotions and movement inspired by the definitions of the words 'Dis' and 'Able'. Exploring these definitions through spoken word and a blend of contemporary and hip hop movement to convey her own experience of these words.

Company Class
Tuesdays 27 January & 3 February 10.00-11.30
Xena will lead a class using some of the material generated from her research with a focus on hip hop movement.

Freeview Friday 6 February 16.00

Funded by: Creative Scotland, Lisa Ullman Fund, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

Image: Xena Gusthart

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