White & Givan

Image credit: Mike Chalmers

Residency 5 – 9 Feb
Worn (New work)
White & Givan

Errol White & Davina Givan aim is to explore how the body is affected by time & space, and to reveal how a lifetime of association can affect the paths we take, choices we make, or are forced to. “Experiences that mark us stay with us through life often carrying us back to the past informing the present and possible futures”.

Once you strip back the layers of your history do you recognise yourself? These are exciting questions to ask, even more so for an experienced co creative team who have spent over a quarter of a century together.

Company Class Tuesday 6 February 10.00 – 11.30
The principle elements of the class work will focus on skeletal alignment; articulate placement and core stability. Leading the dancers to move fluidly with precision, power and strength facilitating a neutral and controlled understanding of the body’s physicality in performance.

Company Showing Friday 9 February 16.00

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