Typhaine Delaup and Virginia Scudeletti

Image credit: Nicholas Figgis photography

Residency 2 – 6 Oct
Live Composition and Soundpainting
Typhaine Delaup and Virginia Scudeletti

Typhaine Delaup and Virginia Scudeletti will focus their research on a unique improvisation technique called Soundpainting, a multidisciplinary live composing sign language created by Walter Thompson in 1974. Drawing on their experience in improvisation and live composition techniques they will explore the Soundpainting language's potential for developing movement based performance practice, pushing the boundaries of the language itself.

Company Class Tuesday 3 Oct 10.00-11.30

Playing with live composition methods we will challenge our own practice and habits, exploring the sense of collective choice and group negotiation. A class for experienced movers.

Company Showing Friday 6 Oct 16.00

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