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Tidy Carnage

Nino is a solo performance piece of physical theatre with no dialogue. It is a darkly comic performance inspired by one woman’s experience of living in poverty and grappling with the benefits system; struggling to get by every day, with not much more than her imagination to keep her going. We never hear her speak, but we see into the absurdity and bleakness of her reality, and the voices that surround her, telling her she’s worth nothing because she has nothing.
Part clown, part dance, part soundscape, we want Nino to be a unique and provocative look contemporary poverty and the UK benefits system. It was inspired by real stories told to us by people who have lived on the lowest incomes in the UK, and what they did and didn’t do to get by.
Created by Tidy Carnage: director Allie Winton Butler and performer Melanie Jordan will be working on their second phase of development of this new show, working towards a tour in 2019.

Company Class: Tuesday 25 September 10.00 – 11.30
Led by a Gaulier-trained professional, this workshop will encourage you to unlock your inner ridiculous self. The focus will be on listening to the audience, self and group awareness, embracing failure and getting up again after you fall. The workshop will use practical techniques to allow the performer to find a natural state of play and discovery with focus on comedic timing, devising comedy sketches and the art of making people laugh.

Company Showing: Friday 28 September 16.00


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