The Hiccup Project

Residency 20 February – 3 March
"It's okay, I'm dealing with it"
The Hiccup Project

Cristina and Chess are two 'Okay' experts, sharing their ‘highly successful’ strategies and mechanisms in how to ‘deal’ with whatever life throws at you.
The work slowly unravels as they try to come to terms with their painful experiences. In a culture preoccupied with perfection, perfect smiles and keeping a stiff upper lip, the work will delve into how we cope with our struggles; how do we try to ‘deal’ with them? What happens if we don’t want to deal with them?
In this R&D, we will be developing this work, and pushing the material in preparation for a premiere in 2017.

Company Class Thursday 23 February & 2 March 10.00-11.30

A playful, lively and energetic session, finding pleasure and enjoyment in movement from letting go, being silly and dancing to 90s pop.

Company Showing Friday 3 March 17.00

Funding Credits: Arts Council England

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