Tess Letham and Paola Di Bella

Residency 7 – 11 December

Tess Letham and Paola Di Bella

Go somewhere

This is an underlying look at human behaviour in relation to how we try to achieve a life time goal.

Within the research for the piece, this idea pushes these aspects of behaviour within extreme scenarios. We will try to reach the point of our 'ultimate goal in life’. But then what happens? When we have successfully achieved what we’ve strived for, do we then become enlightened? How life will be changed once this success arrives? What happens in the exact moment of completion?

Working with speech, song, movement and dance. This new work will have a rich quality and unique stylistic physicality, through a joint understanding of a movement practise and a journey that brought us forward to continue our shared knowledge into a new creative process.

Company Class: Tuesday 8 December 10.00-11.30

Flying Low Technique. We will move into and out of the floor with speed and efficiency.

Company Showing: Friday 11 December 16.00

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