Tamsyn Russell/ Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre

Residency 7 -11 September

Tamsyn Russell/Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre

New Work

One of the strands running through the DanceLive 2015 (October 9-20th) festival is work that explores and challenges the idea of authorship. Citymoves Dance Agency has commissioned Tamsyn Russell & Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre to re-author an existing work from each other’ss repertoire. The two existing works & the two new works will form the centre of an evening which will also see each choreographer making a work on Fusion Youth Dance Company.

Company Class: Thursday 10 September 10.00-11.30

Advanced dancers from contemporary movement backgrounds are invited to explore a physical driven class built from elements of both choreographers’ practices.

Company Showing: Friday 11 September 17.00

Commissioned by Citymoves Dance Agency

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