Suzi Cunningham

Image credit: Paul Maguire

Residency 29 Jan – 2 Feb
Suzi CunninghamSotto meaning “under the breath” is a reflection of my initial idea of exploring whispers, illusion, delusion: is what you see, or hear, real? During creation, a character emerged that saw the world from another perspective. It started to see the darkness of greed and the developing work became a comment on aspects of materialism and consumerism.

I will be using this residency to look at ways of moving from extreme postures to provide different viewpoints. Working with materials, items of rubbish and foodstuffs, exploring the emerging themes and transformative quality of the body. I will use Butoh techniques (including Aikido and Noguchi Taiso), embodied movement, physical theatre and instant composition to develop this work into a full length piece.

Company Class Thursday 1 February 10.00 – 11.30
Suzi will begin with playful warm up using stretching and breath work, into exploring more structured exercises from Butoh techniques and those incorporated during the residency. This will lead into creating improvisations with a particular focus on embodying materials and the space around us. This class is open to all.

Company Showing Friday 2 February 17.00

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