Stephen Pelton Dance Theatre

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Residency 26 – 30 June

Stephen Pelton Dance Theatre

If you want to see me once more

In 2016, choreographer Stephen Pelton was commissioned by DanceLive to re-author his 1998 solo The Hurdy-gurdy Man, using its original choreography as source material for a new work. The Hurdy-gurdy Man is itself made from re-authored material in that all of the movement was originally taken from documentary footage of Adolf Hitler. The re-authored dance, if you want to see me once more, is performed alongside The Hurdy-gurdy Man, by Freya Jeffs. It follows one woman’s journey as she endeavours to come to terms with the dark inheritance of The Hurdy-gurdy Man’s physical legacy. Working with dramaturg Struan Leslie, the artists will use their residency at Dancebase to revise the work culminating in a performance of a more fully-realised version of the two tandem, yet intertwined, solos.

Company Class: Monday 26 - Wednesday 26 June 09.45-11.00 daily; Thursday 29 June 10.00-11.30

Pelton’s technique classes are designed for intermediate and advanced dancers. They combine the basics of Limon-inspired technique with ballet-based fundamentals.

Company Showing: Friday 30 June 17.00

Funding Credits: Originally commissioned by DanceLive and supported by City Moves, Bodysurf Scotland and The Shed.

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