Stadium Rock

Image credit: Xana Marwick
Residency 16 - 20 Oct
With Respect (Working Title)
Stadium Rock

Stadium Rock will use this residency to explore and develop “With Respect”, a project seeded in 2014 in the form of written “transcriptions” of conversations between writer Xana Marwick, her (then) two year old son and boys in swing parks in Edinburgh. At this stage we would like to ‘blast open’ the transcripts by offering them as a starting point for creation to Dancer / Choreographer Hannah Venet, Musician / Live Artist Casey Miller and one young male performer.

‘I’m a big boy, know how? Cos I don’t cry.
I don’t cry cos ... cos I’m brave.’
XXXXXXXX, aged eight.

Company Class Thursday 19 Oct 10.00-11.30

This class will be an opportunity to explore the Stadium Rock, multi-artform creative process. No experience necessary.

Company Showing Friday 20 Oct 17.00

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