Skye Reynolds & Skye Loneragan

Residency 29 September – 3 October
Skye Reynolds and Skye Loneragan
Skye & Skye on Skye
Skye Loneragan & Skye Reynolds are two artists from live art disciplines, dance and performance/playwriting - who have migrated to Scotland from Australia nearly 15 years ago and share a namesake (the Isle of Skye) that has seen them often confused for each other. Having finally met, Skye & Skye now embark upon an exploration into the intersections of practice from where they wish to write dance poems, look at the political landscape of their other homeland from afar, and flesh out the humour born from mistaken identity.

Class: Thursday 2 October
Looking at what kind of poetry your name might inspire, we take a title and write our own dance poem. Bring a picture of a place that you feel says something about yourself.

Freeday Preview: Friday 3 October 17.00


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