Skye Reynolds and Jo Fong

Residency 11-18 May

Skye Reynolds and Jo Fong

Stand Up'

Skye is developing her solo practice in collaboration with choreographer and mentor, Jo Fong.

This is their first phase of exploration and a time to gather themes and points of departure for new work.

Interests include scoring improvisation, integrating movement and voice, and the idea of performance appearing as though it is being created in this moment. Humour will be encouraged!
One starting point is the idea of conversation as a form, an interaction with the audience through physical and textual language.
Another is ‘selling’ oneself or an idea through pitch / promotion. When the facade unravels: What remains? What is valuable? What is valid?
Colleagues will be invited to participate in the making process during the week.

Company Class Tuesday 12 May 10.00-11.30

Jo's class uses aspects of release, yoga, manipulation and contact techniques.
The focus is on creating receptive, active and interactive qualities within movement, developing an efficient, playful and dynamic approach.

Company Showing Friday 18 May 16.00


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