Simon Fildes & Wyn Pottratz

Image Credit: Simon Fildes
Residency 24 – 28 October
new work
Simon Fildes & Wyn Pottratz

Simon Fildes and Wyn Pottratz will research and develop animated gifs of choreographed movement. Gifs are bite-sized moving image sequences widely distributed across social media platforms. Unlike videos, animated gifs continuously loop which provides new choreographic and filmic potential to artists. Though they are ubiquitous to the internet landscape, there is more to discover in their scope of time and space through exploring the choreographic potential. Each gif may tell its own mini story but also contribute to a larger narrative if looked at in combination. The envisioned approach to the research process is to begin with creating small, articulate movements, building the work through a series of lush choreographic landscapes, on the way to landing as a whole panorama.

Company Class Tuesday 25 October 10.00-11.30
Wyn’s intermediate/advanced movement class draws upon contemporary technique to fine-tune an inner sensibility and playfulness of the body being watched.

Company Showing Friday 28 October 16.00

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