Room 2 Manoeuvre

Residency 13 - 24 March
Without A Hitch
Room 2 Manoeuvre

Hip hop ya don’t stop...but all good things must come to an end. Without a Hitch (working title) is Room 2 Manoeuvre's new hip hop dance theatre production. The story follows the downward spiral of a 4 man b-boy crew as ambition, jealousy and frustration manifest in a group struggling to move in the same direction. R2M's artistic director, Tony Mills, leads this residency with an international cast of dancers. This period will continue to build on previous residencies at The Brunton and JoJo Dance Centre under the NordDance programme.

Company Class Tuesday 14 & 21 March 10.00-11.30

Continuous warm up with core and fluid floor to standing exercises, ending with hip hop/contemporary techniques and phrases taught by members of the company.

Company Showing Friday 24 March 16.00

Funding Credits: NordDance

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