Monica De loanni

Residency 22 September -3 October
Monica De Ioanni
L ī l ā (the cosmic play)
What makes us to belong to a place? When do we embrace the existence of the Universe?

This residency it will be towards the development of L ī l ā (the cosmic play) a Dance/Live Music/Visual Theatre performance piece.

During this residency Monica De Ioanni’s practice focuses on the ritualistic aspect of performance and how to create choreography as a transcendent experience for the performers that can be then shared with the audience. Her exploration will question how Balinese Mask and Circular Ceremony Dance Compositions can inform the dancer/choreographer now. How to re-connect a choreographic development to its ritualistic function of catharsis and expression?
Together with musician Marion Kenny, Monica will develop a dancer/musician synergy in devising contemporary live performance.

Class: Tuesdays 23 & 30 September
After body-mind approach warm up, we will explore Balinese Mask Dance (Topeng), Jodeg Dance and instant composition practice.
This Company class is both for dance and theatre practitioners.

Freeday Preview: Friday 3 October 16.00

Funding Credit: Creative Scotland - International Research & Development 
Image Credit: Ny Nioman Sani edited by Vectoranddoodle

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