Misa Brzezicki & Clare Brzezicki

Image credit: Lucas Chih Peng Kao
Residency 19 - 23 Mar
Misa Brzezicki & Clare Brzezicki

What does it mean to be a sister? We are sisters who both dance and both write, but have never worked together. We will explore how our relationship translates to a studio setting, bringing together our independent experiences and influences, and investigating what a collaborative practice between sisters might look like.
Examining an intricate shared history, language and shorthand. Looking at how memory and biography can be both shared and conflicting, individual and connected.

Company Class Thursday 22 March 10.00 – 11.30
A class drawing on somatic practices, release and improvisation to find clarity and freedom in moving. Trying things out, letting things go and dancing to great music, together.

Company Showing Friday 23 March 13.00

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