Mele Broomes V/DA

Image Tom Marshallsay

Residency 12 – 16 June



This debut dance piece will be a visceral and sensory experience. As a choreographer, Mele’s work is mediated through Sound (Sculpture), Dance (Rhythm) and Light. Her focus begins with Rhythm and Movement and its potential to undermine (Colonial) Hierarchies of Power. Through research into the Politics of Movement within the African Diaspora, Grin will explore how Sound and Dance are translated. This provocative production will examine what it means when this translation is displaced and absorbed by the spectacle.

Company Class: Thursday 15 June 10.00-11.30

Playing with elements of Caribbean social dances within a contemporary dance style class. Exploring movement within the pelvis, torso and shoulders with a strong element of floor work. A fluid and dynamic experience.

Company Showing: Friday 16 June 17.00

Funding Credits: Tramway, The Work Room, Dance House, CS (TBC)


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