Luke Pell and Kitty Fedorec

Image credit: Luke Pell and Kitty Fedorec
Residency 11 – 14 Dec
Associate Artist Research
Luke Pell and Kitty Fedorec

Selkie Was A Sea Witch (or another dance from a white cis male, why bother?)

Selkie was a Sea Witch. His fleece was white as snow. A couple of queers getting themselves in a fankle with sticky, slippery questions about going solo, oppression, authorship, autonomy, autism, ableism and choreography.

From tall tales to tool use and tall tool users Luke Pell and long term collaborator Kitty Fedorec are at the beginning of something yet to take its shape.

In a shame shed use of alliteration, nursery rhyme and nonsense poetry, myths and magics, folklore and science fictions, enchantment and entanglements, hybridity and hydrologic they will spend a small spell of daze, breaking binaries, teetering into transformations, skin steeling, soft lovings, the casual and causality.

Muse the rider - rather than the ridden - and their poet writhe about with messy bodies and the wet stuff that lets us know we are alive.

Company Class Thursday 14 Dec 10.00-11.30

Join us in an open playful space for a series of morning exercises that prepare us to listen, touch, move.

Company Showing Thursday 14 Dec 17.00

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