Luke Pell and Janice Parker

Image credit: Luke Pell
Residency 19 – 23 Feb
The Wait of Mountains
Luke Pell and Janice Parker

Initial research for a new, low-tech, performance duet between Luke Pell and Janice Parker.

Collectors of stones, writers of dances, Parker and Pell will come together with all kinds of people and communities. To share stories and hold sounds, movements and words, carried across generations, about different kinds of time, about love and loss and longing, what we carry with us, what we let go, what changes and what endures, what matter matters to whom.

Company Class Thursday 22 February 10.00 – 11.30
Join Luke and Janice for a series of gentle morning rituals working with words, weight and waiting.

Company Showing Friday 23 February 17.00

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