Luke Pell and Collaborators

Image Credit Brian Hartley

Residency 29 May – 2 June

Luke Pell and collaborators

In the Ink Dark

In the Ink Dark is a new intimate, participatory project from maker and curator Luke Pell and collaborators. Taking form as a series of conversational encounters, a live dance performance, a publication and an accompanying series of podcasts as part of a digital artwork.

Made and performed by an intergenerational group of artists it collects and explores different people’s - experiences of loss and landscape, memory and materiality through dance, design and poetry.

Luke and collaborators come together at Dance Base for their first week of work on this project in 2017

Company Class: Thursday 1 June 10.00-11.30

Join us in an open playful space for a series of morning exercises that prepare us to listen, touch, move.

Company Showing: Friday 2 June 17.00

Funding Credits: Creative Scotland and Metal, Peterborough (tbc)

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