Luke Pell

Image Kitty Fedorec

Residency 7 – 11 March

In the Ink Dark (research period)

Luke Pell

Luke will be working with a range of collaborators – dancers (of different ages and physicalities), designers and poets – on the development of a new performance/installation, In the Ink Dark.

The artists and our current DEBS will be exploring processes of translation – transforming one to one encounters, the words and stories of others into visual poetry through the body, dance and design.

Luke's work is underpinned by a body of research that explores memory and materiality, landscape and loss.

Company Class Thursday 10 March 10.00-11.30

Inclusive morning rituals facilitated by dance artist Kitty Fedorec, attending to core stability, grounding, shifting and spiralling to move freely, deeply and joyously.

Company Showing Friday 11 March 14.30-17.30

With thanks to Creative Scotland, Scottish Poetry Library and Metal, Peterborough

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