Lucy Suggate

Residency 19 - 23 January
Lucy Suggate
The Body of Discontent
A research residency undertaken by artist Lucy Suggate. Throughout history the dancing body has been a vehicle to express our deepest human needs. The premise is to examine ‘dance as a radical act’ using the enduring relationship between dance and music. This research will draw upon events, such as ‘Choreomania’, the dancing phenomena of 16th century female land workers driven to dance for days to examine how music and dance are catalysts for the emancipation of body and soul and the phenomena of Trance. I will be using the music of Electronic composer Holden; his sprawling soundscapes provide me with an exploratory framework to delve into aspects of repetition, duration and their transformative qualities. Using the ‘beat’ to examine the impact this has on my moving body from hypnotic to the euphoric states and the immersive potential for those who are witnessing it.

Company Class
Thursday 22 January 10.00-11.30
Placing Movement Research and Improvisation at the centre of daily training the class will consist of guided exercises, using departure points and dedicate time for lots of flamboyant dancing.

Freeview Friday 23 January 17.00

+Image Lucy Suggate
Image Credit: The bodyfarm

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