Lucy McGreal & Ian Cameron

Image credit: David Bryce

Residency 6 – 10 March
Lucy McGreal & Ian Cameron

"My weekend night out. Busy Bar. Unknown faces. The suspense of stories yet to unfold, be told retold"

Spiked is an exploration into one woman's journey on her regular night out as her world slowly starts to terrifyingly unravel in front of her. The residency will revisit the night of the incident; interpret the images, sounds and relationships encountered. The memory plays like a movie with the sound distorted and no control on when to fast forward, pause or delete.

The residency is led by Lucy McGreal and Ian Cameron along with musician Nik Paget Tomlinson, using physical performance, live music, text and improvisation.

Company Class Thursday 9 March 10.00-11.30

The class will be a blend of physical movement, improvisation using mask the body along with a live musician.

Company Showing Friday 10 March 17.00

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