Lucy Ireland and Jim Manganello


The 'Vertigo' Project

Lucy Ireland and Jim Manganello

During this residency, Lucy Ireland and Jim Manganello will conduct early experimentation into a dance-theatre duet inspired by Hitchcock's film Vertigo. They will embrace the darker corners of this tale of an obsessive man and an elusive woman, while seeking to dismantle the male gaze at the film's centre. This will culminate in a show, projected for 2019, that is a contemporary battle of the sexes, both funny and brutal. Coming from different disciplines—Lucy from dance, Jim from theatre—this residency is a step in creating a performative language that combines elements of both. They hope to use this process to enrich the conversation between theatre and dance so that each community can challenge and dynamise the other's practices.

Company Class: Thursday 1 November 10.00 – 11.30
Contemporary class leading into Lecoq-based character building. For dancers and actors with strong physicality.

Company Showing: Friday 2 November 17.00

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