Lucy Boyes and Robbie Synge

Image credit: Robbie Synge

Residency 20 Nov - 1 Dec 
Ensemble (working title)
Lucy Boyes and Robbie Synge

Lucy Boyes and Robbie Synge re-unite with performers Judy Adams, Damian Killeen and Christine Thynne. In this new phase, the group will be continuing to develop a series of performance actions representing or relating in some way to a rich catalogue of specific experiences and anecdotes from the past, and to aspirations or predictions for the future.

With several years of working together as a tight group, this project reflects both an important shared time together, and strong individuality. Working time will principally involve developing already existing choreography, generating new material and exploring opportunities for performative approaches that allow a heightened liveness of encounter for the viewer.

Company Class Tuesday 21 & Thursday 30 Nov 10.00-11.30
With a focus on fluidity, function and ease of movement. Exercises and sequencing from company class will lead into improvisational movement scores, guided by themes of the work.

Company Showing Friday 1 Dec 17.00

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