Lo- Giudice

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Residency 25 - 29 January



Set to an electrifying and pounding soundtrack (History Channel’s ’The Vikings’) Savages is the new full-length work by Anthony Lo-Giudice and in collaboration Artist Hector deGregorio and Nordic pagan band Wardruna.

Using Lo-Giudice’s physical, sculptured and poetic choreography and de Gregorio’s Couture costuming, you are transported into a dark fantasy experience following our hero in his fight for survival in amidst a grotesque and savage world.

Taking inspiration from the movement and ritual of our ancestors and the harvest festival (fertility, death, new life and renewal), Savages brings 5 dancers to life through a story of love, loss and sacrifice.

Savages is built up on the shared study of trans-hallucinogenic devotional ritual fertility and sacrifice dances from pre-Christian European cultures and of the stages of Catharsis through the preparation, event and aftermath on the body.

Company Class: Thursday 28 January 10.00-11.30

A physically choreographed and momentous class focusing on the shifting body through the articulation of the torso, mind and breath.

Company Showing: Friday 29 January 17.00

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