Leila Bakhtali & Keren Smail

Image: Phillip Heinz


Residency 4 – 8 January

Leila Bakhtali & Keren Smail

when wishes shift

In this residency, dance artists Leila Bakhtali & Keren Smail will finalise their new duet, when wishes shift, which premieres in London during The Place Resolution festival (January 9th). The work explores the expectations, disappointments and revelations of how we experience this world in our day and age as we swirl from states like “everything is possible and I am going to make it!” to asking ourselves “Am I doing it right?” Through highly physical movement as well as spoken and sung text the performers aim to address the ups and down of becoming Someone in this world.

Company Class: Thursday 7 January 10.00-11.30

We offer a contemporary class, mostly concerned with floor-work as well as some elements of yoga. Open for professional and pre-professional dancers.

Company Showing: Friday 8 January 15.30


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