Kevin Guerrero

Having started dancing in 2009, the style that caught his attention was dancehall. In 2012 he discovered Vogue at the annual Streetstar dance festival in Stockholm, Sweden. After seeing all the vogue dancers and the vogue competition he felt captivated.

One year later, in 2013, Kevin left dancehall and his group to focus on his Vogue coinciding with the year the legendary Aviance Milan joined the Swedish Vogue community. He started taking his classes and learning more about the style and the culture of ballroom. That was the start to his passion for vogue and the ballroom community. It did not take long before Kevin started performing and competing in vogue to practice and gain more experience. Not just in Sweden but also traveling to other countries to participate in balls in Paris, Milan, London and Amsterdam. He has also taken classes for other legends & Icons in vogue such as Sinia Ebony, Jose Xtravaganza, Dashuan "Lanvin" Wesley, Leiomy Amazon, Prince Mugler, Javier Ninja and Danielle Polanco. 

In 2015 Kevin was accepted into the Iconic House of Revlon via Daniel Lugo (Father Revlon) and ever since he goes under the name of Kevin Revlon.

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