Kathryn Spence Dance

Residency 1 – 5 May
Exploring Boundaries and Borders
Kathryn Spence Dance

Development time has and will be vital in exploring what boundaries and borders mean to different people, and has so far taken on many approaches including land and water boundaries, using ordinance survey maps as a physical score for movement. I wish to explore creating boundaries in the space, both physical and mental, and to explore imposing these upon one another. I want to try new approaches to creating work, and look at different ways of encouraging myself and the dancers to express the subject, sharing our personal boundaries with the audience and breaking down barriers.

Company Class Thursday 4 May 10.00-11.30

This class will be used to share personal thoughts on boundaries and borders relevant to us. This will then be used as stimulus for improvisation. Please be prepared that we may record your response as part of our learning process.

Company Showing Friday 5 May 17.00

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