Kath Bateman

Kath Bateman


Kath has had a love of Cuban dance and music since her first visit to Cuba in 1997. With regular visits every 3-6 months ever since then, she organises and leads Cuban dance holidays and cultural tours in Cuba and also promotes Cuban music and dance events in the UK. Kath has been teaching Cuban salsa at Dancebase in Edinburgh for 7 years, and also regularly teaches at other dance centres and venues around the country.


Here's what Kath had to say about her classes ... 

What can dancers expect from your classes?
Well, I hope they will learn not just how to dance, but how to love dancing. It is so liberating to be moving to music, and to dance with a partner gives you a great feeling of connecting with someone, even if  for the duration of just one song.

What do you love about teaching Cuban Salsa?
I love the wonderful music, the great people I meet in classes and the wonderful feeling of overall wellbeing that you get from dancing - it always reminds me of being in Cuba, a place I truly love.

Is there a person, quote or group who inspires the way you teach?
Ooh, that is a hard question! I love teaching because I get a huge sense of satisfaction when I see somebody really enjoying what they have been learning. I can see clear progress being made throughout the weeks each term, and it is wonderful to witness that tremendous sense of personal achievement.

What sort of music do you use in class?
Always Cuban music!


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