KaSt Dance Company

Residency 23-27 March
KaSt Dance Company
Constricted Abandon
Artistic Director Steven Martin will create a series of works on the same two dancers over a 4-year period to show the progression in them as people, dancers and their ever-changing relationship towards each other. The work stems from two dancers who are not only friends but have danced together for a long period of time. This creates honesty in the work that audiences so far have warmed to extremely. The first work ‘ Tete a Tete’ was created on dancers Michaela Gebremedhin Wate and Joel Wilson between June 2013 and March 2014 and is currently being performed as part of KaSt Dance Company’s Repertoire. This residency will begin the research, exploration and initial structuring of the second work ‘Constricted Abandon’, in which the dancers will approach the same relationship from a different point in time and from a completely new emotional and physical angle. Movement vocabulary, music and colour scheme will all be approached differently to give the work a distinctively different look from the first, however, elements of the original will be developed, firstly, to keep the works connected but also to show the natural ever evolving relationship between these two people.

Company Class Tuesday 24 March 10.00-11.30

KaSt Company Class will be a highly physical, full-bodied approach to release technique, incorporating the company's dynamic style.


Freeview Friday 27 March 16.00

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