Julia James-Griffiths / JJG DANCE

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Residency 9 – 13 Oct
The Box
Julia James-Griffiths / JJG DANCE

1 in 4 of us live in The Box. What are we going to do about it?

Following from a previous research and development period, Julia James-Griffiths will be continuing to develop her new work The Box alongside four dancers. This work looks into the impact depression can have on an individual, and how our society responds to it.

Through movement, and the playful use of text/spoken word and the physical elements found and used for depression/mental health issues, the work will explore the idea of confinement, in its various forms, and what can be produced from it.

During this residency, and as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Julia will also be offering a free workshop for those with experience of struggling with mental health issues to take part in (no dance experience necessary). Please contact her for more information.


Company Class Tuesday 10 Oct 10.00-11.30

This class involves moving in and out of the floor, and explores the connections and movement possibilities of the body as whole through spirals and use of weight and suspension. Towards the end of the class there will also be a led improvisation using the use of imagery and the engagement of the senses as a source to inspire and explore new ways of moving and responding.

Company Showing Friday 13 Oct 16.00

Funding Credits: Creative Scotland, Think Big, Citymoves Dance Agency, St Columbas Free Church

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