Jennifer Ba

Jennifer Ba began dancing as the youngest member of Afridonia dance group, which was Scotland first African dance group. As a member she had the pleasure of performing at the Singapore Fringe Festival, and numerous festival and events in Scotland. Being of mixed race descent, Jennifer has been able to connect with her African culture through music and dance. She has trained with a number of talented African dance teachers, and is inspired by the dance and song of West Africa, in particular Senegal, Guinea and Mali. Jennifer has also studied Sotho and Zulu dance in Pretoria, South Africa. She is deeply inspired by African rhythms and the power and energy of African drums. She enjoys inspiring and teaching others about the variety and diversity of African dance. Jennifer is also the organiser and promoter of ‘African Beats Nights’, which are events promoting traditional West African drum, dance and modern Afrobeats music in Edinburgh.

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