Jade Smith

Jade trained professionally at Edinburgh Telford College where she gained her HND in Professional Stage Dance, training in various styles of dance such as jazz, musical theatre, ballet, contemporary and tap.After appearing in ‘E4 School of Performing Arts in 2007’ alongside Bonnie Lythgoe and dancing in ‘Disneyland Paris’, Jade then went on to complete a 1-year finishing course at the MGA Academy of Performing Arts. It was here that Jade established her true passion for Lyrical Jazz.

In 2010 Jade joined the Edinburgh based female lockin group ‘RockaBeat’ directed by Xena Productions, and danced in various events such as the Breakin Convention and the ICU World Hip Hop Championships in Florida.
Having had a taste of dancing in the states, Jade then went on to continue training in L.A at the Debbie Reynolds dance studios and Millennium dance complex where she furthered her dance skills in various different styles.

Returning from America, Jade was asked to represent West Lothian by dancing in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi for the 2010 handover ceremony. Now currently based in Livingston and Edinburgh and performing with the Allegro Amateur Dramatics Company, Jade loves to teach dance. With over 10 years of teaching experience Jade wants to continue this journey and inspire those who share her same passion.

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