Iona Kewney

Image Credit: Iona Kewney drawing

Iona Kewney
New Work

Working intensely on an anatomical marathon; searching the purity of movement and voice within, to the points of detail and complexity that vibrate into deeper mental patterns and vision of life. 'The inside out shout'. Using the scope of being human; life as the source, as the art, as the reason, a beast with history, in a realist and surrealist context. Here, i will be collecting layers of physical content, ideas and character in the initial stages of my next new work 'SHY of FIRE' which will later be shaped and performed together with one musician and one other dancer to premiere late 2018.'

Company Class: Thursdays 26 April and 3 May 10:00 – 11:30
Ultra movement. Physical dexterity. Anatomical techniques through dance and its breakdown and building of form.

Company Showing: Friday 4 May 17:00

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