Fuora Dance Project/ Giulia Montalbano

Image credit: Martina Peluso : Illustrator

Residency 11 – 22 Sept
W-hat About?
Fuora Dance Project /Giulia Montalbano

Fuora Dance Project is ready for a new adventure....W-Hat About?

This is a brand-new children’s dance-theatre performance by the enchanting dancers of Fuora Dance Project celebrating grandparents who help us to grow up, teaching us to be brave when life is difficult, helping us to fight our fears and destroy the barriers between others and ourselves.

The performance is an interactive celebration of the importance of intergenerational family ties enriched by a humorous take on the combination of Italian and Scottish cultures. Audiences can learn words in Italian subtly exploring the moral content of the importance of commitment as well as learning from our mistakes in order to grow.

Company Class Thursday 14 & 21 Sept 10.00-11.30

A class open to everyone who wants to move using a free and personal interpretation of Fuora Dance Project contemporary class. Giulia Montalbano(Artistic Director) will guide you to research the pure physicality and the mechanism of how the body moves in certain qualities while dancing, using the habits and helping those to be transformed in a new and fresh approach for your personal research in movements.

Company Showing Friday 15 & 22 Sept 17.00

Funding Credits: Creative Scotland

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