Fuora Dance Project

Image credit: Lewis Landini

Residency 20 – 31 March
W-hat About?
Fuora Dance Project

Fuora Dance Project by Giulia Montalbano will lead the residency including free classes. I am looking to provide a final shape to W-Hat About? and then organise a community engagement activity with different venues in Scotland between March and May 2017.
The performance is an interactive celebration of the importance of the intergenerational family ties. This is enriched by a humorous take on the crossroad of Italian and Scottish cultures, where audiences have an opportunity to learn numerous words in Italian language. The moral content explores the importance of personal talents and ways of being, as well as learning from our mistakes in order to grow.

Company Class Thursday 23 & 30 March 10.00-11.30

A class for anyone who want to explore the sense of freedom and fluidity of their own body. With a gentle warm up combined with some somatic exercises and some led improvisation, there will be a closed interaction between Release and Skinner Release Technique where the fundamental concept and goal is to let your body feel relax, engaged and strong without forcing it in order to be able to use the right amount of tension and relaxation. All this leads to see your body in a different way, away from our usual habits and how we interact with people and within the space.

Company Showing Friday 31 March 17.00

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