Frank Koenen

Residency 23-27 March
Frank Koenen
shocked fox
The residency will be based around the idea of decisions. How do dancers and performers take decisions in the rehearsal process and on stage?
I also want to research on the topic of instinct. What are the human natural instincts? Both in the context of daily life and from the dance perspective.
These ideas will come together as we ask – what do our instincts have to do with the decisions we take?
Brought back to the image of a fox! Foxes have been represented in many items of literature and myths and always have strong characteristic qualities like clever problem solving, tricking others and strong instinct.
The fox and the way it moves, behaves and lives.

Company Class
Thursday 26 March 10.00-11.30
Elements of the class will be floor work, stretching, strengthening and released-based sequences. Participants should have intermediate dance experience.

Freeview Friday 27 March 17.00

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