Farah Saleh

Image credit: Maciej Czajka

Residency 20 Nov – 1 Dec
Gesturing Refugees
Farah Saleh

As a Palestinian born in Al Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, who now lives in Scotland and considers herself a citizen of the world, choreographer Farah Saleh feels the urge to tackle the refugee crisis taking place in Europe, and most recently in the US, through unearthing recent and past latent stories of refugeehood using the body as archive.

During the residency she will start a physical research with two dancer refugees and herself, intertwining archive material, testimonies and imagination to re-enact, transform and deform the gestures of refugees and their latent stories. The research will result in an interactive performance lecture to experiment innovative ways of transmitting the archived gestures and stories into the bodies of the audience.

Company Class Thursday 23 & Tuesday 28 November Nov 10.00-11.30
The class "Connect to expand and express" will explore the pelvis articulations, connections and movement initiations. We will start from small somatic exercises, then move to bigger and dynamic ones, to finish with a dance phrase that integrates the learnt connections, while adding physical states to each movement.

Company Showing Friday 1 Dec 16.00

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